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We have provided our products to 30 high-speed lines which accounts for approx. 20%’s market share.

Accessories of electronic components 

Our rubber seal plug for aluminum electrolytic capacitor being successfully researched obtained the certification for imports substitute. Our company also undertook drafting the industrial standard. So far this product has been mainly sold to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other famous capacitance manufacturers in China and has been rated as famous-brand product of Taizhou consecutively. 


Non-metal parts for orbital fastener 

Orbital fastener, also referred to as intermediate connection part, is the part that connects the steel rail and the sleeper (or other types of sub-rail foundation) on the rail. It functions to fix the steel rail onto the sleeper, keeps the track gauge and prevents the steel rail from moving vertically as compared with the sleeper. It also provides elasticity to the entire rail and leads to insulation. The entire orbital fastener system is primarily made up ...