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The company has been focusing on technology development and accumulation since its inception, the R & D mode there are two main ways: internal independent research and development, and other research institutes joint research and development, cooperation with scientific research units have the quality and the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.
The company with scientific research units in close cooperation, to achieve seamless production and research, make full use of the company technical force, the development of fast, production capability, testing equipment advantages, at the same time with the scientific research units of talent advantage, get broad support in technology research and development, actively completing various research tasks, and achieved remarkable results, and accumulated rich experience in technological innovation and technology management。
In 1990, the company as the main drafter, participated in the development of People's Republic of China electronic industry standard SJ/T 10242-91 "rubber sealing plug" technical specification of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 2002 in China to successfully developed and started production of environmentally friendly butyl rubber material of aluminum electrolytic capacitor with a rubber sealing plug.
In 2005, the company as group members joined the former Ministry of Railways commissioned by the China Academy of Railway Sciences led the "Chinese passenger line fastener system joint research and development group", to "passenger line fastener system nylon rubber parts preparation and process of sub project development, high speed and heavy haul railway with elastic strip, strip type VI VII type and WJ12 type fastener system non metallic parts R & D tasks, the existing railway upgrading and optimization research and other related work. In collaboration with the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, the research project on the development and application of insulated rail blocks for high speed and heavy haul railways (including WJ12 and VII G7) has been carried out.
At present, the company was named the national high-tech enterprise of national Torch Plan projects, the provincial science and technology enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise technology center established has been rated as "provincial enterprise technology center" and "high tech enterprise research and development center". The company has R & D personnel of 53 people, a total of 2 national research projects, provincial and municipal research projects 8; has been granted 24patents, including: 9 invention patents, utility models 15 patents.


In 2009, high-speed rail fastening system shock absorption resilient plate work at the provincial level to apply for new products


In 2009, high-speed rail fastening system, insulated rail block, provincial work, new products apply through


Registration certificate of scientific and technological achievements in 2011 (composite plate)


R & D center of high and new technology enterprise


National Torch Program Certificate


Registration certificate of scientific and technological achievements (gauge, baffle)


Certificate of technical innovation fund for small and medium technology-based enterprises


Provincial enterprise technology center