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In 80s, the chairman of the company by virtue of the advantages of professional rubber, rubber sealing plug products and industrial development of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, to fill the gaps, through the Ministry of electronic industry import substitution certification, and is responsible for the industry standard "SJ/T 10242-91 aluminum electrolytic container with a rubber sealing plug and technical conditions" drafting work, products are exported Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other well-known capacitor manufacturers, such as Japan, South Korea sun nijikang electronic, sunny, and three, Taiwan Lilong; domestic Jianghai capacitor, Aihua group and other well-known manufacturers.

In early 90s, the company entered the rail track fastener products, the development of a successful rail rubber pad, in 1994 was the first railway industrial products production license, and has been maintained continuously. Products won the title of Zhejiang province famous brand.
In 2005 the company relies on the rubber and plastic products professional advantage and production experience in the industry and good reputation and credibility, to participate in the "joint research group" Chinese passenger dedicated line fastening system, completed the "passenger line fastener system design and rubber technology research", "passenger line fastener system product and process research of nylon" sub topic the task of research and development, the successful development of the high-speed railway fastener the technical indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar, broke a few countries such as Germany and Japan monopoly in high iron technology, a positive contribution to the localization of Chinese high-speed railway. And participated in the drafting of the temporary technical conditions for the type of bullet strips, the elastic strip V, and the WJ-7 and WJ-8 type fasteners for passenger dedicated lines.
In 2006, the company successfully developed BASE (V-CHIP) for chip capacitor, and it is a necessary new component in the trend of high intelligence and miniaturization of electronic products.
In 2005 the company set up enterprise technology center, in 2008 identified as Zhejiang enterprise technology center, in 2011 identified as high-tech enterprise research and development center. Since the establishment of the technology center, we have focused on strengthening the central construction, improving the technological innovation system and improving the technological innovation capability. In order to give full play to the various functions of the technical center, the enterprises have strong technological innovation ability and technological competitiveness, and create greater benefits for the society and enterprises as the strategic objective. Since the research and development center has been identified as the provincial high-tech enterprises, according to the company's strategic planning of product structure, technology center, timely adjustment of research field, will transfer to the central task of development of high speed railway track fastener rubber parts. The key work center in the next few years is the development of high-speed and heavy haul railway fastener (i.e. elastic, elastic type VI VII type, WJ-12 type, WJ-13 type fastener) and transformation of existing railway fastener, cold resistance and other special fastener.
Since its establishment, the technology center has devoted itself to the organization construction, personnel training, system construction and innovation ability construction of the center, and has guaranteed the investment of equipment and capital. Center director by the company general manager Tang Xiao comrades concurrently, deputy director of the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Dr. Niu Junfeng served as the existing R & D staff of 53 people. Set up a scientific research personnel performance appraisal reward system, technology development project workflow and a set of rules and regulations. In recent years, a total of more than 30 projects were approved, including 2 national projects, 8 provincial projects; has obtained 24 patents, including 9 invention patents, a total of 8 products passed the provincial appraisal of new products in Zhejiang province and Zhejiang Province scientific and technological achievements registration, products with independent intellectual property rights. Company executives pay attention to technology center equipment and capital investment, the board of directors and special funds research center project implementation issues, the funds needed in the enterprise annual financial budget, to ensure funding for security, 2014 to 2016 R & D investment costs about 30000000 yuan. Mainly used in R & D, pilot study, research instruments, sites, equipment, testing and other research facilities, investment and technical personnel training. The technology center of 2000m2 office, a digital hydraulic servo testing machine, universal testing machine, electronic tensile machine, rubber and plastics brittle low-temperature testing machine and electrical aging test box, more than 70 sets of various types of rubber products testing and inspection equipment, worth more than 1300 yuan, basically can complete analysis of rubber products from raw materials to finished product testing the test, and the physicochemical properties of all kinds of environment and fatigue test. At the same time, the technology center pays attention to the construction of information technology. In the past two years, with the opportunity of "two fusion", the automation of trial manufacture and test equipment has been upgraded. Pay attention to the combination of Technology Center, established in cooperation with the China Academy of Railway Science, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and other research institutions.


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